Chemical Skin Peel Accredited Diploma Course

One day professional training course in Chemical Skin Peeling.

The chemical skin peel training includes teaching using  re-surfacing peels at 30% and 50% glycolic/lactic & salicylic peel.

The combination of glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid within a superficial chemical peel provides a skin exfoliant to chemically remove keratinised structures of the epidermis, restoring a radiant complexion. Safe and easy to use with no downtime.

Open to experienced therapists only please see entry requirements below.

At Paradigm infocom we separate chemical peel procedures training into two levels in order to ensure aesthetics professionals administer only the correct type of treatment for the skin condition or objective.

The Foundation Level is the standard training course for milder skin complaints or appearance improvements such as anti-ageing.  The Advanced Level is necessary if you wish to offer chemicals peels as a solution for more severe skin conditions such as scarring or deep pigmentation.   In order to enrol on the Advanced Level you will need to have a greater understanding of skin anatomy and therefore a medical background with proof of qualifications is needed.

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