Air Brush Makeup -ABM


Airbrush Makeup scores much higher competing with traditional makeup as it uses spray or gun in order to apply foundation on the skin while traditional makeup uses sponges and brushes which may look uneven on high definition lens. The only reason of fascination for airbrush makeup is it makes your skin perfect for a photoshoot! Smooth and flawless for your perfect selfie! It helps the bride to steal the high definition lens of the paparazzo giving the bride a stunning look. It’s long lasting and there’s no worry of shrinking your makeup after few hours of the ceremony. It will give the bride a radiant and glossy look and best suited for oily skin as it’s long-lasting. Airbrush makeup is ruling the bridal market now! It has become the absolute need of the hour for makeup professionals and beauty experts to raise their levels of skills.


  • Basic Principles of Airbrush Makeup Tool
  • Mixing colors to get the right ​base & application of Base using Air Brush
  • Application of Eye Shadow using Air Brush
  • Application of Blush using Air Brush
  • Creating complete Makeup Look using Air Brush

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